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 Recruitment and Talent Management Outsourcing

imparititon recrutement et gestion des talentsIRGT vision of talent management reflexes the services we offer to our clients. Our approach is comprehensive and aligned with your business objectives and development. Therefore the services offered by IRGT are linked to your labor needs, while respecting your budget, the culture of your organization and the agreed deliverables.

Our team provides the delivery of your talent management process, integrating all these elements in our service agreement.

The services are divided into milestones.

  • Manpower planning
  • Delivering the services
  • Analysis and continuous improvement process
  • Career and succession planning

Step by Step

Planning: The key of a successful project is directly link to the clear understanding of the needs and processes attached. Allow us to help you with your talent management. Our approach will better define your needs and adapt the appropriate strategies to your business objectives.

Service Delivery: IRGT ensure you support at all stages and projects linked to talent acquisition. Simple and effective, our service objective: achieve your goals in talent management with a maximum efficiency. Our support fits your needs and lets you focus on your mission: manage your business.

Continuous improvement: Recruitment is dynamic process. Therefore IRGT is helping you developing best practices processes and identify potential areas of improvement, allowing you to always stay competitive. Whether it is by the production of dashboard or by market benchmarking, we are for you at the forefront of talent acquisition trends.
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Career Management: Beyond helping you attract the right talent, we'll help you retain your employees. IRGT Advisory Services integrates career management in its services to support you developing your talents and in succession management. Know your marks and avoid unpleasant surprises by supporting your employees in their professional development through our career management consulting services.