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 Recruitment and Talent Management Outsourcing

Technology and tools
imparititon recrutement et gestion des talentsSuccessful talent management requires adapted technology and tools that will allow you meet your aspirations. Therefore IRGT invested in the development its own recruitment and evaluation tools to better serve you. Do not bear all costs and resources necessary for a successful talent management service. IRGT offers its client a wide range of tools to enable them achieve their goals.

Talent acquisition system

In order to better meet the needs of our clients, we have developed our own talent acquisition software. With our expertise in talent management, we have developed a complete and efficient IT solution to enable us to deliver the best possible result. This system fits perfectly with our approach.

The development IRGT team designs, develops and maintains the application. This aspect is extremely important for our partners because it allows us to monitor and follow the market of talent management technology. Our clients benefit from this advantage without incurring the substantial costs encounter in the purchase and integration and maintenance of an applicant tracking system.

This flexibility gives us a significant competitive advantage, and also allows us to better adapt the technology to meet our clients the recruitment needs.

Assessment and career management tools

Given the wide range of tools for assessment or management career that are available on the market, knowing how to choose the right on is a major advantage in the selection and retention of candidates. Whether you need an interview guide (behavioral or situational exercise) an employees survey, or even the development of an in-house tests for specific needs, our counselors are available to assist and guide you in your choices.

We have a rich database of templates to meet your needs. In more specific situation, IRGT will develop tools for you that will meet your needs.

Impartition recrutement et gestion des talents solution
Our approach of career management will be an asset for your company in both the attraction of prospective employees as well as retention. Your competitiveness is linked to the potential development of your resources. Therefore, by focusing on their development, you'll see at the success of your business.